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Вертикальное меню категорий на jquery Simpla 2.0

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не именно такое, но похожее:

<!-- Каталог -->
<script language="javascript">
function sub_menu(id,hide)
var ele = document.getElementById('submenu'+id);
var text = document.getElementById('subtext'+id);
if(hide, ele.style.display == "block"){
text.innerHTML = "+";
text.innerHTML = "-";
{function name=categories_tree}
{if $categories}
{foreach $categories as $c}
{if $c->visible}
<a {if $category->id == $c->id}class="selected"{/if} href="catalog/{$c->url}" data-category="{$c->id}">{$c->name}</a>
{if $c->subcategories}
<a id="subtext{$c->id}" href="javascript:sub_menu({$c->id}, 0)">+</a></li>
{if in_array($category->id, $c->children)}
{categories_tree categories=$c->subcategories}
<div style="display:none;" id="submenu{$c->id}">
{categories_tree categories=$c->subcategories}
{categories_tree categories=$categories}
<!-- Каталог End -->

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